CMP provides goods handling as well as passenger services. That’s why our internal quality targets focus on damage to goods as well as customer satisfaction. Our quality assurance work is of a high standard. CMP currently has one of the lowest rates of damage among European port and logistics companies.

In recent years CMP has developed its quality assurance work through M/S Progress, the company’s common management and development programme. Under the programme, all departments set measurable and time-limited targets for their quality assurance activities. At Port and Terminal Operations in Copenhagen, for example, CMP has taken its work on analysing damage to goods to a deeper level. Broader analyses are now made of how damage occurs, what it costs and how it can be prevented. In technical maintenance of CMP’s machinery, too, staff are now performing more extensive analyses of damage patterns.

CMP has previously adopted long-term quality targets in the following areas:
  • Evaluation of cruise ship calls – customer satisfaction
  • Increased unloading and loading capacity
  • In RoRo the target is a damage rate of less than 0.1 per cent.
  • Reduction of emergency maintenance work on cranes and workshops in Malmö
  • From already low damage rates, efforts are being made to reduce:
    – damage in CMP’s container handling operations in Copenhagen and Malmö
    – damage to cars during unloading/loading of ships and other car handling activities
    – damage costs in cargo handling in CMP’s RoRo business and at the logistics department
       in Malmö.

The low damage rate and high quality are borne out by the outcome in the following business areas:
  • In car transports an average of only one in 25,000 cars is damaged, which is a very low and competitive figure.
  • In our cruise business the share of satisfied customers is high. In customer surveys passengers have repeatedly voted Copenhagen best destination and Europe’s best port, most recently during the 2011 cruise season.

Focus areas

From 2012 the company’s quality assurance activities will focus increasingly on the customer-facing service which CMP offers. This means that greater effort will be put into evaluating and improving the quality of those tasks and procedures which concern the customers. CMP has previously produced process descriptions for all departments, which are designed to provide a better overview and facilitate the company’s quality assurance work. In the next stage these processes will be reported on the company’s Intranet. Work instructions and other documentation which help to establish what is required for quality assurance in a certain area will also be linked to the processes.

Another new measure for 2011, which affects our quality assurance and health and safety activities, is the installation of ignition interlock devices in CMP’s work machines, cranes and vehicles. Interlock devices are being installed at about 30 workplaces as part of this initiative, which will be completed in 2012. By then interlock devices will also have been installed in all company cars.